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Urban Family


Director: Oskari Sipola
Writer: Tua Harno
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Musical

Selja is in her thirties and lives in a shared flat with her friends. One day a boy appears at her door; a boy she gave up for adoption sixteen years earlier. Selja has a chance to get to know her son, but at the same time, makes a complete mess of her and her  best friends’ lives. Urban Family is a new kind of music film set in the modern-day world. The movie’s engaging songs are written precisely for this movie by the very top Finnish songwriters including Paula Vesala, Lauri Ylönen, Olavi Uusivirta, Terhi Kokkonen, Joel Melasniemi, Kerkko Koskinen, Timo Kiiskinen, Yona, Markus Koskinen, Pepe Johansson, Sanni, Elias Kaskinen, Asa, Super Janne, producer MGI (Henri Lanz), Matti Pitkänen and Niina Koponen. „There are a lot of cool little insights throughout this movie and it's well worth watching not only as a musical with good flow, but also as a critique of our modern day happy-go- lucky hippies.“ - Letterboxed


  • Maria Ylipää (Selja)
  • Johannes Brotherus (Leo)
  • Riku Nieminen (Henri)
  • Anu Sinisalo (Maria)
  • Pihla Maalismaa (Iisa)
  • Peter Kanerva (Tomi)
  • Timo Tuominen (Kalle)
  • Niina Koponen (Tiina)
  • Olavi Uusivirta (Juho)
  • Robert Brotherus (Mikko)
  • David Gelkin (Hostess's Husband)
  • Sami Huhtala (Ovimies)
  • Laura Malmivaara (Hostess)
  • Isla Mustanoja (Selja 15 years)
  • Dennis Nylund (Markus)
  • Original title: Ollaan vapaita
  • Runtime: 82 min
  • Country: Finland
  • Language: Finnish
  • Year: 2015

Official Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/vapaita/